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I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1962. After completing my army service in the Israeli Defense Force I enrolled in the college of the Arts in Ramat Hasharon , Israel, graduating in 1986. Following graduation I managed an Art gallery for two years while also working in picture framing.

In 1989 I moved with my family to Los Angeles where I worked and than managed a frame store that specialized in high end custom made gold leafed frames. I continued to build my carrier in picture framing in Chicago and than opened my own framing/ art studio business in Israel in 1995.

In 1998 I took my first clay class, and that became a huge part of my art.

I was first introduced to mosaic in 2006.  Falling in love with this medium, My work evolved as I gained more knowledge and experience resulting in numerous commissioned works throughout Chicago.

I found the Chicago mosaic school three years ago and have since participated in a many wonderful workshops by local and visiting artists. All of which contributed immensely to the development of my art. Along this process ceramics and mosaics slowly intertwine.

I've participated in shows and exhibits in GOCM, the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas and most recently in San Francisco.


Please see Etty's full CV here

"8 Hours"

"8 Hours"

2015 Reclaimed Wood, Slate, Metal, Copper 29 x 8 in

"Turquoise Door to Anywhere"

"Turquoise Door to Anywhere"

2015 Reclaimed Wood, Smalti, Slate, Copper 32 x 15 in

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