Angela Sanders
b. Hull, England
Los Altos, CA

BFA SFAI, 1993
China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China, 1994
University of California Santa Cruz , 1997
University of California Berkeley, 2001

Selected Exhibitions
Contemporary Virtuosos, GoCM at SOFA, Chicago, IL, November, 2017
Mosaic Arts International, SAMA, Detroit, CA, May, 2017
Musiv.AR, Buenos Aires, Argentina, March, 2017

The Stories We Tell, GoCM, Chicago, IL, Nov., 2016-Jan.,2017
Tessera, Udine, Italy, November, 2016-January, 2017
Prix Picassiette, Chartres, France, October, 2016
Sardinia Contemporary Mosaic Symposium, Sardinia, Italy, August, 2016
Mosaic Arts International, SAMA, San Diego, CA, March, 2016
Passover, Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas, TX, March, 2016
Opus Pleiades, GoCM, Chicago, IL, January, 2016
Biennale Mosaiques en Nord, Musee des Augustins d’Hazebrouck, Hazebrouck, France, January, 2016

International Gazientep Mosaic Competition, Gazientep, Turkey, October, 2015
International De Mosaiue Contemporaine, La Chapelle-Saint- Andre, France, August, 2015
Museum of Biblical Arts, Dallas, TX, March, 2015
Mosaic Arts International, SAMA, Piladelphia, PA, 2015
Under the Influence, Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics, March, 2015