Current Exhibition


July 29th - September 23rd, 2022


This exhibition features the works of three prominent American artists working in mosaic: Sue Coombs, Etty Hasak and Casey Van Loon.Each work is an investigation challenging impressions of  imperceptible and implied layers of our collective and individual truths. Though specific approaches to their individual practices, Coombs, Hasak, and Van Loon seek to tell their stories, by peeling back a skin to explore the juxtaposition of surface and what we perceive to be, that lies possibly dormant, underneath. The works reveal personal journeys through their stylized material iconographies, using both traditional and unconventional means to expose the raw truths that can be obscured in this age of hyper-information.

Upcoming Exhibitions


September 30th - November 19th, 2022


Some think of  mosaics and woven works in their traditional contexts - weavings as blankets or rugs and mosaics as floors or pavements in ancient villas. Both art forms have roots in utilitarianism yet they are constructed with specific processes, intentions and skills that have roots in their ancient legacies of making.


The intersection of these two material, methodical, and process-oriented art forms are connected through this collaborative exhibition of Fiber & Mosaic. The Chicago Mosaic School and The Chicago Weaving School are institutions committed to education and promotion of these related yet contrasting art mediums. Both schools have impacted perceptions of fiber and mosaic for nearly two decades.


In this exhibition, GoCM will present curated works by invited artists whose works express the possibilities and the relationships between these mediums through the interplay of color, texture, pattern and composition. GoCM will be publishing an exhibition catalog featuring exhibition essays and individual artists' works.

Breaking (not) Bad

November 25th, 2022 - January 14th, 2023


Artists creating works out of broken or repurposed materials is part of a tradition that has been referred to as  ‘junk art’, born out of rebellion and the freedom to make art art of almost anything. In the field of contemporary mosaic arts, “picassiette” or the use the up-cycling of broken ware, is a specific form of expression among many practitioners. Although it can be a materially driven art form, the up-cycling of broken ware has more emotional reasoning behind the artist’s choices of broken or unbroken shards and objects that each may have a personal connection with.

The Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics is doing a call to artists for "Breaking (not) Bad", a juried  exhibition featuring a collection of works by artists who work in “picassiette” up-cycled, repurposed, or non-traditional mosaic materials.

Apply for this exhibition here!