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“The word ‘Incandescence’ has a particular musicality with a recognizable resonance. When I think of the incandescence of the creative mind, it refers to a sudden fulminant erupting volcano. It is an impulse with an excess of dynamics.


Incandescence, in my creative sphere, is a state of great creative fire that pushes me to create many artworks, in mosaic, drawing and sculpture. I am pushed forward by images, immediate emotions and the urge to see the work done. The paradox (so it seems, at least) is that the incandescence doesn't fade away. On the contrary, the urgency increases as a work is in progress, even though mosaic is homage to slowness.


Everything inspires me: an event, an encounter, objects, the most intimate and minute moments between us. I am an observer of life, love, death, landscape, human beings, and history. The sparks of these inspirations are unpredictable; they invade and occupy me both spiritually and physically. I make artworks of all dimensions and sometimes focus on series or a subject matter. In my art work I use materials, texture, and bright chromatism to tell a story. I hope they give rise to an authentic dialogue between us.”


-Verdiano Marzi, September 2019 (translated from Italian)

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