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Perspectives From Japan: A Group Exhibition of Japanese Mosaic Artists

The art of mosaic in Japan after World War II was recognized mainly as mural art.  Very few artists were making easel mosaic works as their own artistic expression at that time.

In 1994,  the Symposium of International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists (AIMC) was held in Japan . It created an awareness and great interest in the art form and the next year the Mosaic Art Association in Japan (MAAJ) was founded.


Since then, MAAJ has provided exhibit opportunities, workshops, and forums for mosaic enthusiasts ands artists meet and to discuss the art form.


What might the character of Japanese mosaics be? 


In my opinion we love abstract art,  the few three dimensional works that are created, and we love harmony more than drama and contrast. Japanese artists also love serious expression more than humor.


This exhibition at GoCM is the first occasion for the MAAJ artists to show as a group outside of Japan. We are curious if the visitors will find any originality and Japanese ‘taste’ in our works. It is a precious occasion for us. 

We appreciate the decision of CMS and the Gallery Of Contemporary Mosaics to hold this exhibition.

- Toyoharu Kii, 2020



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