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Carolina Zanelli

Spilimbergo, Italy


Diploma in Mosaic Arts from the Spilimbergo Mosaic School “Irene da Spilimbergo”(SMF), Spilimbergo (Pn), Italy, 1995

Degree in Cello performance from the Music Conservatory in Castelfranco Veneto (Tv), Italy, 1992

High-school diploma from the Liceo Classico “Leopardi-Majorana” in Pordenone, Italy, 1984



Undertake private mosaic commissions,1996 to present

Conduct multilingual workshops at the SMF for adults, in Italian, English, German, French, 2000 to present

Lead the yearly community mosaic project ‘Un filo di mosaico’ in collaboration with 6 mosaic artists in Tramonti di Sotto (Pn), Italy. People of the village, tourists, mosaic students, children, volunteers work several days to create a public mosaic, 2015 to present

Mosaic workshops at Marga Court Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2017

Mosaic presentation at Fogolar Furlan Association in Mar del Plata, Argentina, March 2017

Translated “Les maitres mosaistes” by George Sand from French to Italian  published by Media Naonis, May 2016

Summer mosaic workshop at Rigel Hotel, Lido di Venezia, Italy, August 2013 to present

Mosaic workshops at the  Elementary School in Tramonti di Sotto (Pn), Italy, 2006-2016

Mosaic workshops at the Pordenone ‘Società Operaia’ and at the Fontanafredda (Pn) Summer camp, June 2016, 2015

Mosaic workshops at the SMF for Hundai designers, June 2015, 2014, 2013

4 sqm team work mosaic at Trend Company for a religious mosaic in Poland, Vivaro(Pn), Italy, October 2015

Mosaic workshop in German to students of the Dresden Waldorf School during two-week art-trip in Tuscany, Italy, July 2015, 2013, 2011

Completed and installed 9 sqm mosaic for ‘Proloco Valtramontina’ Association, Tramonti di Sotto (Pn), Italy, 2014

Completed and installed 7 sqm mosaic for the Sport Center in Tramonti di Sotto (Pn), in collaboration with the local Elementary School students, 2014

Completed and installed 9 sqm mosaic for ’Area 19 Center’ Pordenone, L.go Cervignano, with youth from the local center, sponsored by Avis (Blood donors volunteer association), 2014

Consulted and collaborated on several residential mosaic and installation for Pippa Murray Studio, Sausalito, San Francisco, CA, USA, February and June 2013

Mosaic workshops in French at the SMF for professional French mosaic artists, 2010-2016

Mosaic workshops at the Middle School in Maniago (Pn), Italy, 2012 to present

Mosaic workshops at the CSM Mental Health Center (Centro di Salute Mentale) in Maniago (Pn), Italy, October-July 2012, 2011, 2010

Collaborated with the French artist Isabelle Chemin on a mosaic sculpture made with blind children in Grasse, France, June 2011

7 ‘chaise long’ mosaics in collaboration with 4 mosaic collegues by Dutch artists’ designs, commissioned by the Dutch Van Loon Gallery, Vught, Holland, May 2011

Completed 8 sqm floor mosaic on reverse technique, commissioned by a Romanian customer, based on a design by Giulio Candussio, April 2011

Mosaic workshops at the Treviso Middle School, sponsored by the Treviso Chamber of Commerce, March 2010

Mosaic workshops at the ‘Abilmente Trade show’, Vicenza, Italy, April, October 2010

Collaborated with the Foundation for Children with Autism (Fondazione per bambini con autismo), Pordenone, giving mosaic workshops to differently-abled groups, 2004 to 2008

Two-month workshop at Spier Art Academy, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2008

Taught mosaic workshops and presented at the  SAMA Meeting, Miami, USA, May 2008

Taught summer mosaic workshops at the California College of the Arts, Oakland, California, USA, June 2002- 2008

Completed 12 sqm community mosaic with students of the P.P.Pasolini Middle School and the Pordenone Foundation for Children with Autism (Fondazione per bambini con autismo) based on designs of P.P.Pasolini June 2002- 2008

Mosaic workhop at the Chicago Mosaic School, Chicago, USA, July 2007

Consulted and led a team of mosaicists on a 90 sqm mosaic, commissioned for a private residence in collaboration with, Pippa Murray Studio, Sausalito, San Francisco, CA, USA, January 2007

Mosaic workshops in the prisons of Pordenone and Tolmezzo(Udine), sponsored by the European Community Funds, 2004 to 2006

Completed and installed 10 sqm mosaic, commissioned for the main facade of St. Joseph Church, Potenza,Italy  based on the design of the Italian artist Father Tarcisio Manta, April 2005

Mosaic workshop at Pantianicco Elementary School, Udine, May 2004

Mosaic workshop at Bannia Elementary School, Pordenone, April 2004

Completed and installed a 5.6 sqm mosaic, for the main facade of St. Mary of Costantinople, Baronissi (Sa) based on a design of the Italian artist Father Tarcisio Manta, July 2004

Mosaic workshop at the True Friends (‘Veri amici’) Association, Ravosa di Povoletto (Ud), November 2003

Mosaic workshops at the Aliporto Formative Agency (Agenzia Formativa Aliporto), Portogruaro (Ve), sponsored by the European Community Fund, 2003, 2002

Mosaic workshops at Gildevaart Professional School, sponsored by  the Savantis Company, Nieuwegein (Utrecht), Holland, 2004, 2003

Mosaic workshop at the Maniagolibero Elementary School, Pordenone, April 2003

Mosaic workshop at the American Base Elementary School, Aviano (Pn), Marzo 2003

Employed as a mosaic teacher at the Spilimbergo Mosaic School “Irene da Spilimbergo”, 1997 to 2002

One-month mosaic workshops at the International Center of Bethlehem, Occupied Territories, 2004, 2003, 2002

Employed as a mosaicist at the Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt, Munich, Germany, September 1995 to October 1996

Stage at the Bisazza Company, Spilimbergo (Pn), July 1995

Employed as a mosaicist (2 month) at the Mosaique Surface Company, Montrèal, Canada,1994



Solo exhibition at La Roggia Gallery, Pordenone, Italy, 2017

Solo exhibition at Alle Mondine Restaurant, Latisana, Ve, Italy, 2017

Contemporary Virtuosos, GoCM, Chicago, USA, 2017

Ist Edition of Mozaiek Festival, Oss, Holland, 2016

San Giovanni di Casarsa, Pn, Italy, 2016

Following ArteMosaico, V.Emanuele, Pordenone , Italy, 2016

ArteMosaico: 2nd Edition of the Biennale del mosaico, Spilimbergo Pn, 2016

Solo exhibition at the Yoga Studio Center, Pordenone, Italy, 2015

ArteMosaico: 1st Edition of the Biennale del mosaico, Spilimbergo, 2014

San Lorenzo Church, San Vito al Tagliamento ,Pn, Italy, 2014

Arte per la vita, Palazzo dei Conti d’Attimis, Maniago (Pn), Italy, 2013

Two artist exhibition at the private e M. Bouillet Gallery, Neuilly sur Seine, Paris, France, 2012

Agriturismo Colonos , Villacaccia (Ud), Italy, 2012

Mosaici d’artista, Villa Manin di Passariano (Ud), 2012

Craft Trade Trastevere in Arte, Vicenza, 2011, 2010

San Vito di Cadore, Belluno, Italy, 2010

Spring and Autumn Fiera Abilmente, Vicenza, Italy, 2010

Ex Scuola media G.A. Gallery, Pordenone, 2009

SPAC, Buttrio (Ud), Italy, 2008

S. Agostino Church, Pordenone, Italy, 2006

Orchestrazione, ai Mulini, Portogruaro (Ve), Italy, 2005

Vastagamma 05, Villa Galvani, Pordenone, Italy, 2005

Mosaicamente, Ex-Convento di San Francesco, Pordenone, Italy, 2005

Vastagamma 04, Villa Galvani, Pordenone, Italy, 2004

Artists of FUN, Clocchiatti Gallery, Udine, Italy, 2004

La nostra casa non è un’automobile, Casier (Tv), Italy, 2003

Craft Trade, Pordenone, Italy, 2003

Performance at the Venice Biennale with the mosaic bill of “Bank of FUN”, Venezia, Italy, 2003

Donne in tutti i sensi, San Giovanni al Natisone (Ud), Italy, 2003

Una tessera dopo l’altra, Ceolini (Pn), Italy, 2002

Parco del Cormor, Udine, Italy, 2001

Biennale Giovanile del mosaico- Città di Ravenna, Ravenna, Italy, 2001

Giovani a Pordenone, Ex- Convento di San Francesco, Pordenone, Italy, 1999

Arte in/contemporanea, 2nd Edition, Latisana (Ud), 1999

Donne in mostra, Bar San Giacomo, Udine, Italy, 1998

Arte in/contemporanea, 1st Edition, Latisana (Ud), 1998

La Roggia Gallery, Pordenone, 1998



Featured in Eventi Magazine, May 2013

Featured in Vanity Fair Magazine, April 2008

Featured in MOSAIC, by Sonia King, Sterling Publishing.

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