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Karen Ami​ 

B. Chicago, IL



BFA.Tufts/Boston Museum School, 1986

Independent Study, Mexico, 1984

Independent Study, Ireland, 1985

Post Baccalaureate Diploma. Boston Museum School, 1985

MFA.School of the Art Institute Chicago,1995

Independent Study, Ecuador and Costa Rica, 1986-1987

Independent Study, Nevis and West Indies, 1994

Certificate. Scuolo Mosaici Orsoni, Venice, Italy, 2004

Independent Study, Italy, 2004



Contemporary Virtuosos, GoCM at SOFA Expo, Chicago, IL, 2017

GoCM at Gallery 1070, Gallery 1070, Chicago, IL, 2017

International  Mosaic Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan, December, 2016

Stories We Tell, GoCM, Chicago, IL, November, 2016-January, 2017

Organic, Prairie State College, IL, November-December, 2016

Savage Curiosities, GoCM, Chicago, IL, September-November, 2016

PassOver, The Museum of Bibical Art, Dallas, TX, April- June, 2016

Made in Chicago, Wheaton College, IL, January- March, 2016

Six by Six, Atelier De Luca, Ravenna, Italy October, 2015- January, 2016

Mosaici Dal Mundo, RavennaMosaico, Ravenna, Italy, Oct-Nov, 2015

Mosaics Abroad, Traveling Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, 2015-2016

Made in Chicago, GoCM, Chicago, IL, Sept-Oct, 2015

Pictor Imaginarius, Museo di Fiume, Nazzano, Italy, May, 2015

MAI Invitational, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA, March- April, 2015

Museum of Bibical Art, Dallas, TX, March-May, 2015

Under the Influence, GoCM, Chicago, IL, March- April, 2015

Prix Picassiette 2014, Chartres, France, October- November, 2015

Noir et Blanc, Parlay le Monial, France, June-August, 2015

Visual Mosaic, Ravenna, Italy, September, 2015

Pictor Imaginarius,  Museo di Fiume, Nazzano, Italy, May, 2015

Interstizis, GoCM, Chicago, IL, May-July, 2015

Museum of Archeology Aquileia, Aquileia, Italy, March- April, 2015

Tesserae, Clauiano, Italy, March-April, 2015

Tesserae, Gradisca d”Isonzo, Italy, March- April, 2015

Learning Curve, GoCM, Chicago, IL, January, 2015

Mosaic Yarismasi Competition, Zeugma Museum, Gaziantep, Turkey, October, 2013

Ardore, Chapel St Eman, Chartres, France, October, 2013

Bibliomosaico, Ravenna Italy, October, 2013

Mosaics dal Mundo, RavennaMosaico, Ravenna, Italy, October-November, 2013

INTERSTICES, Sucy en Brie, France June, 2013

Pictor Imaginarius,  Museo di Fiume, Nazzano, Italy, April, 2013

Inside/Out II, Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics, Chicago, IL, April, 2013

Prix Picassiette, Chartres, France October, 2012

Open Walls, City of Chicago 44th Ward Office, Chicago, IL, November, 2012

Transformations, GoCM, Chicago, IL, 2012

Unbroken, Featherstone Center for the Arts, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, July, 2012

Inside/Out, GoCM, Chicago, IL, 2012

Cool Globes, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011

SOCA Gallery, Chicago, IL, December- March 2010

Cool Globes, Washington DC, Copenhagen, Geneva, Houston, 2010

OIMC Exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel March 2009

Our Roots Are Showing, CMS Gallery, Chicago, IL, March 2010

UnCorked, Ethnic Arts Center, Johnstown, PA, Sept-Nov 2009

Cool Globes, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, CA, 2009

An Ancient Language- A Modern Translation, Granville Center for the Arts, Garland, TX, Sept-Oct 2009

Ahlmquist Gallery, Winnetka, IL, 2009

Womanmade Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2008

CMS Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2006, 2007

Cool Globes, Washington, DC, 2008

Cool Globes, Chicago, IL, 2007

Vietnam Veterans Museum, Chicago, IL, 2006

Ellipse Art Center, Arlington, VA, 2005

Museo ItaloAmericano, San Francisco, CA, 2004

ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2004

TZ Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2004

Uncommon Ground, Chicago, IL, 1999

SAIC Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1996

Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1995

Lannon Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1991

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, IL, 1996

Cyclorama Boston, MA, 1996



Grout Magazine, Summer 2015

Midwest Magazine, June 2015

Groutline, May 2015

Mosaique Magazine, April 2014

Mosaique Magazine, January 2013

Center Square Journal, May 2012

Grout Magazine, March 2012

Groutline, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Houston Magazine, October 2009

LXTV Interview, September 2009

Profitable Glass Quarterly, October 2009

Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook, Maggy Howarth, 2009

Timeout Magazine Chicago, October 2006

Chicago Tribune, September 2005

Mosaic Art and Style, JoAnn Loctov, 2005

CAC News, 2001

ARC Chicago: 30 Years, 2001

Chicago Tribune, February 1996

New Art Examiner, March 1990, April 1991



The Chicago Mosaic School, “Practice and Passion” February 2016

British Association of Modern Mosaic, Symposium at Kings College, London, October 2014

Society of American Mosaic Artists, Annual Symposium, Tacoma WA

“Passion, Process and Purpose”- April , 2013

Prix Picassiette Symposium, Chartres, France 2012

Chicago Public Libraries – 2012/2013 Lecture Series

Featherstone Center for the Arts, Oak Bluffs, MA, 2012

Mosaic Association of Australia/New Zealand, 2011 Symposium, Adelaide Australia

Society of American Mosaic Artists, Annual Conferences, 2007-2012

Mosaic of Art Radio,  February, 2010

MAANZ Symposium, Brisbane Australia, October 2009- Keynote Address

“Beyond Our Pieces; The importance of partnerships, education, and artisanry in contemporary Mosaics, Coverings-Chicago, May 2009

“Relevance of Art Education in Public Arts”

South Suburban College, April 2008

Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago Artists Month, 2008-2012

Guest Artist Lecture Series School of the Art Institute of Chicago,

Continuing Ed Dept, September 2007, 2008

Mosaic Arts Educational Presentation

Chicago Mosaic School, November 2007-2012 “The Marvel of Mosaics”

Loyola University, February 2006

Guest Artist Presentation

Harold Washington College, October 2006

“Survey of Contemporary Mosaic Arts”

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