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Artist Profile: Sue Giannotti

Detail of "The Return of Morpheus" by Sue Giannotti

Sue Giannotti is a Renaissance woman in every sense of the word. In addition to her role as a principal faculty member at CMS where she specializes in Ancient Mosaic Reproduction, she also serves the director of our one-of-a-kind certification program and has acted as an artist interpreter for visiting artists from Italy. She has been an active member of the CMS team since the school’s foundation in 2005.

One of the most sought-after instructors in the US, Sue teaches six to ten workshops a year in Chicago, though she lives and works predominantly in Saint Louis, MO. She obtained her degree from Washington University in Saint Louis and went on to study mosaic art in Italy, pursuing a certificate from the Orsoni Mosaic School in Venice. In her own practice at Mosaic Opus Studio, LLC, Sue creates personal works as well as public, private, and liturgical commissions for both isolated and architecturally integrated designs. She has served as a member of the board at the Society for American Mosaic Artists.

Inspired by her research and practice in ancient mosaic technique, her work takes a meditative approach to timeless subject matter. In her “Of Myths and Meditation” series, she works to interpret the mythological subject matter of premodern mosaic through a contemporary lens. She often favors subdued compositions and color schemes that redirect focus toward the subtleties of texture and dimension in the materials. In her own words, she engages “the medium’s ability to look soft while often being made from such strong, durable materials- a fascinating dichotomy which extends to people as well.” Of course Sue has also exhibited her personal artwork in many national and international exhibitions, recently including the Foundry Art Centre of Saint Charles, MO, SOFA Chicago 2017 (Exhibiting with the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics), The Museo del Fiume in Nazzano, Italy, and the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas Texas.

As a teacher and artist, Sue’s passion for ancient technique is put into practice every year in a series of CMS workshops that have become cornerstones of our curriculum and required courses in the certification program. In addition to her three workshop sequence comprised of Drawing for Mosaics, Design Fundamentals, and Undulation, she also instructs ancient mosaic reproduction with Ravenna Method: Ancient and Modern. Additionally she teaches advanced workshops for serious students, including Smalti Dimensions, Texture, and Advanced Materials and Processes.

Fusing the principles of ancient methods with contemporary aesthetics and applications is at the core of Sue Giannotti’s practice. CMS is proud to have her as a principal member of our faculty and core member of our community.


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