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Based in London, England, Gary Drostle has been working as a professional mosaic artist specializing in large scale architectural mosaics for over 25 years and has completed many major public commissions both across the UK and in the US.

His mosaic work includes floor and wall mosaics and mosaic sculptures and he is particularly experienced in working in the traditional paper faced reverse technique.

His work has received many awards including the NTCA TileLetter award for best mosaic in 2011, and awards for “Contemporary Innovation” 2014, “Best in Show” 2013 and “Best Architectural” 2008 at SAMA’s Mosaic Arts International exhibitions.

Gary is President of the British Association for Modern Mosaic and sits on the editorial board of BAMM’s ANDAMENTO mosaic journal.

Please see Gary's full CV here

"Entwined Histories" by Gary Drostle

"Entwined Histories" by Gary Drostle

2012 Unglazed Ceramic, Gold Smalti 33 x 33 x 118 in

"The River of Life" by Gary Drostle

"The River of Life" by Gary Drostle

2010 Unglazed Ceramic, Vitreous Glass 590 x 157 in

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