Beauty is not necessarily about something being perfect or whole according to David Chidgey. Perhaps this is why he is so drawn to the medium of mosaic. By taking individual fragments, imperfect and broken, he is able to combine them in such a way as to reveal a rich tapestry for the senses. David does this by contrasting elements of light and shadow, shape and texture, brilliant color and muted tones, spontaneity and balance through the language of mosaic.

David’s mosaics are influenced by his early years growing up on a small farm in South Texas, his love for nature and wildlife, the history and culture of indigenous people of the Americas and the Sami in Lapland. Other interests include ancient rock art in West Texas, aboriginal art of Australia, shamanism, spirituality, and storytelling. Most recently, David’s mosaics have included the theme of brokenness from personal loss, healing, beginning anew, and celebrating life. 

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                                                                                                                                                              1127  W Granville Ave, Chicago, Il 60660

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