Martha Crandall, a longtime resident of Chicago IL, grew up in the Midwest. Having earned her BFA at The Rhode Island School of Design, she moved to Chicago and pursued a career in graphic design and illustration. She ran her own business, Crandall Design, serving clients in the Chicago area. After a long run it was time to move on. Martha fell in love with mosaic art. She found herself in a new career as a mosaic art instructor at The Chicago Mosaic School. At the same time she became the proprietor of Studio B Mosaic Design to accept commissions. Through CMS or Studio B, she completed several large installations for private residences, a Chicago play lot fountain, a church, a theatre, and the Blind Rehab Center at the Hines VA Hospital in Hines, IL. Her work has been shown nationally at The Society of American Mosaic Artists, the GOCM, and around the Chicago area. As a founding faculty member of CMS, she teaches a variety of classes with a specialty in

Glass-on-glass mosaics.

Please see Martha's full CV here

                                                                                                                                                              1127  W Granville Ave, Chicago, Il 60660

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